Kalerne Editions

A resident of Taipei for several years, Yannick Dauby has gathered in this disc the fruits of three commissions aimed at emphasizing the sonic constituents of his current home. “Nous, Le Défunts” is defined by recurring echoes of folk-scented rituality, hypothetically salvaging intimate needs jeopardized by a problematic cohabitation in an overcrowded conurbation. Ardent ritual music gets mixed with all sorts of alarms and car horns, with cicadas and birds offering rural respite every once in a while. The beginning of “Taipei 2030” is informed by urban noise and (especially) by an underlying hum produced by “huge cooling machineries”, an indispensable component of Taiwan’s capital. Then we hear the local accents in a market scenario, the mechanical musicality of the transportation system and a magnificent remote drone that I couldn’t identify, but which sounded very much like Mirror. The compositional precision is of a uniformly high level, this listener turned into a rapt bystander as the track ends with nocturnal reverberations, complete with crickets. “Ketagalan” is a homage to an almost vanished local ethnicity, yet the material used by Dauby, in spite of its environmental origin, often approaches contemporary electronica, with well-designed vocal loops and strategically placed quietness alternating with peculiar radio snippets and wraithlike voices. A moment of enhanced solitude: time for the mind to focus and appraise the space around us.


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